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What is “electrophoresis?” 

Electrophoresis:  An advanced class of electrokinetic phenomena;  migra-tion of suspended ceramic particles to deposit them on a workpiece;  discovered in 1809 by Reuss of Moscow University; high-tech applications by the Institut für Neue Materialien, Saarbrücken, Germany; applied technology Wol-Ceram electrophoretic dental CAD/CAM system by Wolz-Dental-Technik, Ludwigshafen, Germany; enhanced Wol-Ceram high resolution nano-process applications by Bio-CAM, West Palm Beach, Florida.

 Crack propagation in Wol-Ceram micro-crystalline alumina, spinell and alumina-yttria-stabilized zirconia cores is primarily transangular-blocked – this creates an opportunity for dental laboratories to produce virtually trouble-free all-ceramic crowns and bridges.

   F  irst there
  was the PJC
  • then Vita-Dure® 1965;
  • then Dicore® 1972;
  • then Cerestore® 1983;
  • then Renaissance® 1985;
  • then In-Ceram® 1988;
  • then Alceram® 1989;
  • then Empress® 1992;
  • then Procera® 1993;
  • then the “block-cutting” CAD/CAM machines;
  • now there’s enhanced

    A stronger,
    and more lifelike


*The Next Generation
all-ceramic C&B.

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